Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year (Observed)

Camellia at Zoo Atlanta - 1/1/12

Having the New Year begin on a Sunday has really thrown me for a loop!  Even though yesterday was the day, both Moose's daycare and Daddy Moose's employer are closed today.  Because of some kind of NFL monopoly on Sunday airtime, today is THE day for college bowls.  Even the Tournament of Roses parade was today.

Yesterday, Moose and I treated Daddy Moose to an extra few hours of sleep by heading to the zoo first thing.  Thankfully, Zoo Atlanta is open 363 days of the year and is one of the Moose's favorite places (behind Chick-fil-A and anywhere where construction is actively taking place). 

The gorillas were particularly active yesterday and Moose and I were able to see two babies riding on their mommies.  They were too quick for the shutter speed on my camera phone, but the zoo graciously provides statues of some of their residents for photo opportunities.

Moose very sweetly - but too quickly for a photograph - stroked the baby gorilla before giving both mom and baby a hug (almost serenely enough for a non-blurry photo).  Almost.

We had a beautiful morning - a wonderful start to the year!

While Moose napped, I finished a darling little baby hat.

Today I am getting back to the grind.  I have laundry in process.  I think we'll have freezer meals tonight and I'll hit the grocery store tomorrow on my way home from work (in favor of watching football and playing with Moose this afternoon).  I started the homemade vanilla given to me by a friend for Christmas.

I'm planning posts on my favorite reads of 2011, my word for 2012, more knitting adventures, and even a possible foray into Tot School so stay tuned!

Happy New Year!

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  1. that hat is super darling for sure!