Sunday, August 18, 2013

Weekend Links

Do click over to YouTube to watch! 

This batch of links has been brewing for awhile, so warning in advance if they're a bit random.

For You:

I positively lived on this green banana-apple-protein smoothie during the DietBet I completed (and won!) in June. 

I thought about making these Sungold Tomato Preserves with the gorgeous tomatoes we got from the CSA. But I accidentally ate most of the tomatoes as a snack one afternoon.  (Oops!) They were like candy!

This HIIT workout kicked my you-know-what! And I loved it!

I fell in love with Small Things because of the beautiful simplicity that came through in all of Ginny's posts. This recent installment reminds me of the reason I've stayed in love with this blog: Ginny's beautiful honesty.

If you only click over on one item in this post, please, read this article.  I'm not saying we all ought to aspire to be astronauts (stay tuned, my review of Lean In is coming up this week . . .) but I do agree that girls need solid role models in all categories!

Recommended by Moose and Mouse:

Mouse desperately wants to self-feed, but only has two teeth and is desperately uncoordinated!  My friend turned me on to these PouchPop toppers that I hoped would help prevent wild squirting!  I never really got the chance to find out, since she drew the line in the sand and refused to eat baby food going on two weeks ago.  Looks like a great idea, though!

Moose has always been a sensitive guy, and especially these days with his sister's increased mobility and toy-stealing, he's had a lot to get worked up about.  This post from Kate on Helping Kids Deal With Big Feelings came our way at just the right time!

Looking forward to making this tissue box guitar with and for Moose.  He LOVES music, and LOVES to play the air guitar, but all the ones in the stores are electronic with buttons instead of strings.

Wishing you a happy week ahead!