Monday, January 6, 2014

Cleaning House

Moose brought in the heavy lifters to help clean up his Fisher-Price nativity this year.  And really, it matches how I feel right now - time for some major clean-up and changes in my life (and not just in the master bathroom that Daddy M demo-d on Christmas Eve!).

Last year was filled with a lot of blessings, but as you can probably guess by my spotty posting, it has left me worn thin.

The Sunday after Christmas, while I was at a special Shavasana yoga class with my dear friend, Erin, this phrase came to me as an intention:

I nurture my mind, body, and spirit
So I have the strength to nurture others.

So, rather than a New Year's Resolution, I'm focusing on that intention for 2014.  Which means trying to find time for myself, elsewhere (even if it is with frivolous pursuits) as well as here.  Sharing here really brings me happiness, and if something I share nurtures a little part of your soul, too, all the better.

Did you make any New Year's Resolutions this year?


  1. No resolutions, just a word to guide me towards my goals. The word is play. I want to play with words, play with my camera, play with my knitting needles and other creative pursuits, play with my little man and play in nature. Basically very similar to your intention...taking time to play will mean time to nurture the different parts of me, and will therefore refill my reserves so I can be better able to nurture those around me.

    All the best in 2014!

  2. To knit more from my stash and to be mindful of future yarn purchases. We have lots of transitions in our family coming up and so I'd like to experience them gracefully :)

  3. Wow--a demolition on Christmas Eve!--you guys like to keep things exciting :)

    No resolutions here--just goals and timelines that are for the most part, works in progress.

    Happy New Year!

  4. I have two New Years resolutions this year that I have been keeping so far. The first is to lose weight and so far I've been fairly successful, having lost about 6 pounds so far. My other resolution is to have more patience, in particular with difficult people. I have met this challenge so far and really hope I can make it a lifetime habit!