Monday, July 15, 2013

A "Me" Moment

Nail color is Lady Muck by Butter London
The last three months have been an absolute blur!  My office move, which I honestly didn't think much of at the time, has marked the beginning of more success in two months than I experienced in four years of semi-independent practice.  And by success, I don't just mean business coming in the door, but the satisfaction and gratification I feel by using my education and experience to help families cope with aging and death.

It is wonderful.

And exhausting!

So, with the exception of a few rows of knitting here and there, and a few pages turned in front of bleary eyes late at night, my "me" time (such that it was in the first place) has dwindled to near nonexistence.  I'll admit (very sheepishly) that when I do find the odd minute to read a blog post or two, that I'm seeking diversion over deep thought.

The solution takes the form of stolen moments with my phone and YouTube.  And by "stolen" I mean "in the bathroom".  And by "YouTube" I mean, by and large, beauty tips.

You see, somewhere in the bustle of my days, it dawned on me that even though there's pretty much NO way the dress I was knitting for Mouse's first birthday will be done in time, and although there are more unfinished than finished books on my nightstand, I could eek out a couple extra minutes in the morning to make myself feel pretty.

All of which leads me to why I'm confessing this here: I can't be the only one who struggles for two or five "me" minutes a day!  And furthermore, I can't be the only one in need of a frivolous diversion.

So if you're inclined, hang with me.  I'm going to try to share some of my favorite finds (with my own experiences).

What do you do to pamper yourself when you need a quick pick-me-up?

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  1. Haha - YouTube! When life gets hectic I try to find a tiny bit of exercise time (10 or 20 minutes). Because I know I'll feel better afterwards. Nails seem like a good idea too! I'm so horrible at painting my own, though. I like yours.

    I hope work continues to be rewarding, but perhaps a little less crazy. Take care.