Saturday, January 5, 2013

New Year's Re-Boot

So its been awhile, eh? (A month from today since my last post, but who's counting?)

The questionable health news I alluded to in late November turned into a full-blown scare involving the specter of open-heart surgery.  That resolved in the most miraculous way possible (I am just fine) just in time for a (planned) foot surgery the day after Christmas which was billed as "one-inch incision; 15 minute procedure; you'll walk out of here."  One guess what the reality has been.

I try not to use this space for whining, which is why I've been away.

So here I sit on January 5th, wanting a big ole' do-over of the last six weeks.  I'm so behind on Christmas clean-up and daily life (you try grocery shopping and doing laundry when you can't walk!).

But all the sitting with my foot up has given me ample time to formulate some ideas for the New Year: things I want to work on personally, professionally, with my husband, my kids, this space.

Tomorrow I'll begin by sharing some health goals and a review of Jessica Heights's new book 100 Pound Loser in a special Sunday edition of Fitness Friday, so stay tuned!



  1. Happy New Year!!!! So sorry about your foot, I can imagine life is a little crazy right now...hang in there.

    Looking forward to all the ideas you have been thinking about :)

    1. Thank you for the New Year wishes, Kim! I'm definitely looking forward to recovery and getting back into a regular rhythm. How is Justin's recovery coming along?

  2. Glad all is well on the more serious medical front, and
    big bummer about the foot. I know so many people who ended the year (including our family) spending WAY too much time inside medical facilities--here's hoping that 2013 is much kinder in that regard!

    1. Hear, hear! Wishing you and yours a happy and HEALTHY 2013!

  3. So sorry about the foot, but I am so glad you are overall healthy!!! Take it easy the mess will be there when you are ready :)