Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Yarn Along: Jury Duty Edition

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~Ginny at Small Things

Moose's birthday party was over the weekend and, with the whirlwind of preparations, I didn't expect to have much to show for myself today.  BUT, I had to report to jury duty on Monday and the end result was a landslide of knitting and reading!

To be clear (and avoid any perception that I am slacking on my civic duty), I was not knitting in the jury box.  The majority of Monday was spent in the jury assembly room (think airport waiting area and you've got a pretty accurate mental image), where I finished the Christmas hat I shared last week and got some good work done on an Oaklet Shawl (right) I'm working on for a friend (shh). Yesterday I cast on (and made great headway on) another Vintage Sweet (left) in the same super-soft Cotton Supreme as the purple Christmas hat.  It's wearer isn't due until the end of December but is being induced today to avoid a lurking potential complication.

I also enjoyed some reading time in between monotonous rows of the Oaklet's main part and got underway with The Billionaire's Vinegar .  I am reading it for my IRL foodie book club and it is a great read for anyone with even a vague interest in wine and an appreciation for a good mystery: it is the story of the sale at auction of a bottle of wine alleged to have been owned by Thomas Jefferson.

Oh, and in case you couldn't guess, I ended up being "struck" as a juror.  Just in time for my normal Wednesday at-home day with Moose and Mouse!  I'm not even remotely surprised: while I practice elder law and estate planning now, once upon a time in law school I interned at the ATF, which means I don't expect any defense attorney will ever keep me on a criminal jury.

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  1. Wow, how cool , I never met anyone who has been put on a jury before, all very Ally McBeal for me :)
    Nice that you could get some knitting done though!

  2. My daughter is currently in law school, so glad that while you sat and waited forever you blitzed through some knitting!!!!

  3. Nice to have some time to knit, knit and knit some more. Looks like a lot of progress was made :)