Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sunday Links - January 20

Links and things of late that I love . . . because they tickle the corners of my mouth  . . . or stretch my grey matter . . . or touch my heart . . . or make me want to take that last swig of coffee, get up from the computer, and do something special with my day.

For you:
I never tire of being reminded that reason I may catch the brunt of Moose's spiritedness is that he loves and trusts me best.  Thank you, Kate!

Mmm, I totally want to make this clementine smoothie!

This post of 20 Ways Toddlers Are Like Drunk People made my week!

For the kiddos:
Continuation of the discovery bottles series I mentioned last week: K-O; P-T.

DIY color-matching peg people.  (And, back to the "for you" category, if you haven't read Small Things, treat yourself and do so now!)

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  1. Thanks for sharing my link... and oh man that toddler post is gold!!