Tuesday, January 8, 2013

2013: The Year of Discipline



Sounds ominous, doesn't it? Not really.

As I make my late start to the New Year, and think about my goals, the feeling that 2012 was somehow incomplete keeps creeping into my gut.  All the books started but not finished (and not because of the 100-page rule); crafts or activities for Moose that never moved past the planning stages; languishing knitting projects.

The reason is no big secret or surprise to me: there is too much I want to do.

But I am not quire ready to throw in the towel.

Rather, this year I am focusing on discipline.  Not in a negative or draconian way, but as a means to fit in more of what I truly want to do (and, yes, some things I need to do - or do better). 

There are two ways I see this taking shape:

1) Be mindful of wasted time. For example, when I've put Mouse to bed (and sometimes Moose, depending on his request that evening), there are a lot of nights that all I want to do when I come downstairs is slump on the couch.  Check Facebook.  Surf Twitter.  Up to now, I've thought of the choice in terms of "wash dishes and prepare bottles OR relax?".  The thing is, assuming it's not Daddy M's turn that night, those dishes aren't going to wash themselves.  So the choice is really "get the dishes out of the way now and then have time to get some real, quality time in at a meaningful activity (reading, knitting, blogging, conversing with Daddy M or a friend via phone) OR piddle around now and do dishes later?".

I really think I can recapture some wasted time (and get done what I need to) if I can be disciplined about the choices I make with my time.

2) Prioritize.  One of the big reasons I am not great at seeing things through (and leave too many things unfinished) is that I try to do too many things.  I get so excited to dive in to a newly-discovered book that I end up with a dozen partially-read books on my nightstand (this is not an exaggeration).  I start the prep work for three activities for Moose and the result is that not one comes to fruition.

But, by being more disciplined about priorities in the activities/books/commitments I pursue, I expect I will find more enjoyment and satisfaction than by attempting twice as many and consistently falling behind.

With these principles in mind, here are some of my more specific resolutions for 2013:
  • Reading - Complete at least one book per month (and share a review here);
  • In the kitchen - try out at least one new recipe each month (and share at least one worthy recipe per month here);
  • With Moose & Mouse - prepare one planned activitiy/adventure/invitation to explore per week (and share in a monthly round-up);
  • Converse and Connect - share more of what I am reading about (online and in paper) both with those inhabiting my physical life and my more virtual life here;
  • Get back on the fitness wagon - now that the Morton's Neuroma that percipitated my holiday surgery is gone, get back to sweating.  Specifically, I want to complete one Blogilates calendar, one month of TurboFire, and the Insanity program before the Peach drops again;
  • Declutter at home and find a workable cleaning routine - this will make it easier to take time for the things I want to do by avoiding the mulling, guilt and indecision that accompany taking time ostensibly for myself when there are unfinished chores.
Ambitious, I know.  But attainable, I think, with a little positive discipline: the carrot is not to avoid bad things, but to change the way I think to make time for the things I want to do!

Do you have a theme or word for your resolutions this year?  Share below in the comments and we can encourage each other!

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  1. You go!!! A lot of thought has been put into this and I will be cheering you on.

    My word for the year is SOW...http://www.motheringwithmindfulness.com/2013/01/sow.html

  2. You can do it! I like prioritizing my lists, more gets done that way :)

  3. It is like you read my mind. I am doing the same thing. Tired of loosing time to my phone and then being stressed that I have gotten nothing done. My word for this year (may sound familiar) is intentional.