Friday, February 3, 2012

Yarn Alon[e]

Any given Wednesday, you'll find me joining in at Ginny's wonderful Yarn Along.   However, life really interfered with my plans this week.  

As I mentioned last week, Moose is having some (read: lots of) separation anxiety when he is dropped off at school.  This week, he has added to it with sleep disruption and his first cry-out-for-Mommy nightmare.

Needless to say, I am exhausted - emotionally and physically - and this week has just been about meeting his needs and getting by.

When Wednesday dawned, there was not a single new stitch knitted to report.  

Today, the Moose and I are home together (our usual Friday) and while he naps, I am yarning alone instead of yarning along.

No heavy lifting here.  I've started an eyelet cotton washcloth for a friend's newish baby who outgrew the hat I made for him before I could make it to the post office (oops!).  I was also on the hunt for some easy recipes for the coming days in case our sleep quotient doesn't improve: my cooking creativity is directly proportional to my energy level, and right now both are flagging.

Wishing my readers a restful, peaceful weekend!

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