Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Yarn Along: Baby Boy Hat

A friend of mine gave birth to her second son last Friday, and I was behind in the knitting department, so this week's knit is a quick hat project to send to him.  I'm using my very favorite Blue Sky Alpacas organic cotton yarn - so perfectly soft for babies!

Not one to be left out, Moose asked if he could help this morning.  I gave him the remnants of a ball of Sugar 'n' Cream cotton to play with.  Above is how it turned out - which is exactly why I wasn't really all that keen for his help.

When I was at my local Catholic bookstore earlier this week to pick up a Christmas gift for my mom, I ended up treating myself to Happy Catholic.  The short passages are perfect to couple with knitting, since I frequently have to look up from my reading to make sure I haven't dropped a stitch, etc.  I have always found knitting to be relaxing and meditative, and in that way, this book also pairs wonderfully.  I particularly loved a line I read this morning : "Miracles are love letters [from God]."

For more knitting and reading inspiration, come see Ginny's beautiful blog, small things.

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  1. I give my daughters my scraps when sewing they do all sorts of tangle messes with them. It is fun.