Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Moose's Speech

The King's Speech ranks among my favorite movies of all times.  Colin Firth's portrayal of King George VI's struggle with to overcome a lifelong speech impediment is singularly sympathetic, humorous, touching, and regal.

The final scenes see the King preparing for, and then making, a live radio address following the declaration of World War II in 1939. 

We see him practicing with his elocution coach, Lionel Logue (played wonderfully by Geoffrey Rush) 

" 'I send to every household of my . . .' You see, P is always difficult, even when I am singing."

"Bounce onto it.  A-peoples," Logue advises him.

The technique works, and the King's speech is a success.

It seems that the Moose has been taking Logue's advice, despite never having seen the film - to my knowledge.

Moose was whining Saturday night (not unexpected after spending Friday and Saturday convalescing).  He had gotten up from the dinner table and then come back to hover at my feet. 

"Blap," said Moose.

"What is he asking for?" Daddy Moose asked.

I couldn't help but laugh as I explained, "He wants my 'lap' but still has trouble with some words starting with a soft 'L'." 

"He's bouncing on to it."

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  1. I just put this one on my Netflix queue. A friend of mine has mentioned this movie a few times.
    Colin Firth will always be Mr.Darcy to me -- though it looks like he played this part really well. Thanks for the recommendation.