Thursday, December 1, 2011

Yarn Along: Sunshiny Disposition Scarf

This is a bit of a cheat - I finished knitting up this scarf for my son, but have yet to weave in the ends, so I'm still, technically, working on it.  I've cast on two baby hats for friends' babies-to-be, but am not far along enough to have a photo to share.  But I've been reading Ginny's Yarn Along posts for weeks, wanting to join in, and I didn't want to let another week slip by.

Knitting Knotes:
  • Pattern: Child's Rainbow Scarf
  • Yarn: One skein each of Noro Kureyon in 270 and 226 (it is very difficult to find a colorway that does not, at some point include pink!)
I am currently reading The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin and trying to get a jump start on some meaningful New Year's Resolutions.

For more knitting and reading inspiration, head over to Ginny's beautiful blog, small things.


  1. I really enjoy starting to think about New Year's resolutions at this time. I tend to savour the ideas of what I can do next year. (Am I crazy?) What are you thinking you will resolve?

  2. Not crazy at all! Maybe that means we're optimists in that we see the possibilities of what we can do or do better than this year. Most of the resolutions I'm mulling have to do with priorities and balance - my life is wonderfully full of things I need to do and I'm wanting to be more efficient in those things to make time for the things I like doing.