Monday, December 12, 2011

Cooking Up a Good Mood

Good morning

This unconscionably good mood* is brought to you by:
(*The whole Moose family is nursing a cold - between Moose's stirring, Daddy Moose's snoring, and my own congestion, it would have been a better use of my time to get up at, say 2 a.m., since I was not getting anything productive - like sleep - accomplished! I will freely admit that I was not in such a good mood this morning when I first awoke!)

I was hoping to post photos of something wholesome and home-cooked today.  However, due to our house full of germies, its a miracle I made it to the grocery store at all yesterday!

I ended up pulling out a jar of Coq au Vin braising sauce I bought during a sale at Williams Sonoma months ago and filling in the blanks with finds from Trader Joe's.

I used 4 pounds of chicken breasts instead of the whole chicken called for.  The sauce made a delightfully large batch and will give us leftovers later this week plus at least two freezer meals besides.

I served over whole wheat penne (which I forgot to photograph because I was hungry).

Not to be left out, Moose got a pan and spatula from his kitchen so he could help. 

I broke up a cereal bar so he'd have something to flip in the pan while he watched me turn the chicken to brown it. 

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