Friday, December 2, 2011

Tired Is a State of Heart


My son has been coughing at night.  Nothing to be worried about.  One of those air-getting-drier coughs that sets in after you've been sleeping for awhile and your throat catches a tickle.  Still, I refuse to turn the monitor off, just in case it suddenly worsens.  So his coughing has meant some nights of very interrupted sleep this week.

I was really dragging on Monday.

I started Tuesday with three cups of coffee instead of my usual one.

And then I remembered that two years ago this week I had a one-week-old baby.  And I jumped when he cried.  And I watched him sleep.  And I barely slept - both out of amazement at his little life and out of first-time-mom terror.  And I wasn't tired.

Tired has a lot to do with sleep.  And a lot to do with stress.  But it also has a lot to do with where your heart is at.  When it's held fast in the right place, I can be pretty run-down and pretty weary but still not tired.


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  1. It does have a lot to do with where your heart is at. You're right. And it helps to much to have your heart held fast in the right place. I fully agree. Good stuff! Happy Five Minute Friday!! :)

  2. Oh - these are beautiful thoughts. Run down and weary but not tired, because our hearts are held fast to the right moment, the right perspective, the right focus. Love this!

  3. so true ... sleep and the condition of our heart... we are physical and spiritual expressed it well...thanks for sharing!

  4. This is so very true!
    I am exhausted today despite having lots of sleep, but the stress is dragging me down. Time to reassess and make plans for simpler days I think!