Friday, May 2, 2014

April FOTM: pur CC

If you've been following along with my Foundation of the Month series, you already know that I'm diligently testing twelve foundations in 2014 in an attempt to find my "perfect" foundation.  My goals/parameters for an "ideal" foundation are that it be long-wearing (especially on my peskily-oily chin) but not break me out.  It must not be too fussy to apply.  And it must come in under $40.  

Prior to this year, I exclusively wore Bare Minerals makeup, which I loved when I started wearing it in my mid-20's, but as the years passed, I found myself wanting more coverage and longer wearability.  One of the first things I tried was putting tinted moisturizer under the Bare Minerals and liked the results - especially during the summer months when I like less coverage anyway.  I also found it wonderfully easy to apply the tinted moisturizer in place of regular moisturizer and top off with Bare Minerals.  All of this means that we are going to take a BB/CC detour during the warmer months.  The goals will still be the same, but with the understanding that I'll be judging the overall result based on the BB/CC plus Bare Minerals.

Like March's FOTM, this product was not on my radar when I began making a list of foundations to test.  I went to Ulta in search of the itCosmetics CC (stay tuned, I'm currently testing it as May's FOTM!) and one of the consultants raved about the pur CC and I caved.

According to the purminerals website, this product is a "multitasking moisturizer, brightener, primer, concealer and SPF foundation."  It sounded like everything I was looking for to boost my Bare Minerals.

Sadly, the pur CC is better described as a light coverage foundation than a CC.  

While this CC dispenses easily from the pump tube, the consistency is very dense and cannot be applied well with fingers alone.  Once on, the initial look was lovely, but without an additional primer in the T-zone, it started fading after lunch, even with the mineral makeup on top.  

This product wins back some points for providing a natural look (no color match problems here), washing off easily, and being kind to my skin (no breakouts).

Overall Grade: C.  At $38, pur CC was already at the high end of my price range and ultimately not what I was looking for.  If you're looking for a light coverage foundation that you treat as foundation, this might be a winner for you.  But for me, looking for an easily-applied undercoat for mineral makeup, it was too fussy to be worth the price tag.

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