Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Mother's Day Hangover

My school-made card from Moose, who apparently thinks I'm underage and as big as a small elephant.
Apparently my kids missed the memo that Sunday was Mother's Day.  While my Facebook feed filled with gushing accounts of others' Mother's Day pampering and texts poured in wishing me a day of luxury, my kids were fighting (literally) in a shopping cart at the grocery store (Moose bonks Mouse over the head while I'm looking at lettuce; Mouse scratches Moose in the checkout line, etc.).

The thing is, I generally don't mind about Mothers' Day.  I grew up in a family that expressed their love and appreciation for each other often and didn't feel the need to make a big hoo-ha about the official days for moms and dads.

If I lived in a bubble, it wouldn't have gotten to me a bit.  It was a very ordinary Sunday for us: laundry, yard work, preparing for the week.  And, let's be honest, my kids frequently squabble in the cart at the grocery store.

But the comparison monster got me.

I'm not telling the other moms not to share.  I'm delighted that you had an amazing day!

But I get the sneaky suspicion that I'm not the only one who didn't get fireworks and diamonds.  Like so many things in our social media-driven world, reporting is disproportionate and skewed.  Which is to say, I think the fireworks and diamonds got tweeted and favorited, and the grocery cart boxing matches did not.

So today I pay tribute to all the other mothers whose "Day" was ordinary rather than extraordinary (or even a gargantuan flop).  And I wish you many Mother's Moments that happen without fanfare when it is least expected.

What's the best Mother's Moment you've had so far this week?

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  1. Mine was ordinary and I loved it! My son "forgot" but he unpacked all his clothes from living in a dorm as my present (much appreciated!) and this week my daughter will be visiting. So I'm quite happy!