Monday, October 8, 2012

Cheap Date {Mindful Mothering Mondays}

I always have really lofty plans for enriching activities for Moose - especially so when it comes to sensory bin activities.  And, in most cases, my intentions are far grander than my delivery.  I've scoured Hobby Lobby and sourced at Michaels.  Some of my bins have come to fruition, others are still pipe dreams. 

Particularly lately, with Mouse in the house, too, I haven't found the energy to put a whole lot together.  And between the great outdoors, a growing car and block collection (thanks to friends who have brought little goodies for him when they came to meet his sister), and Mouse to dote on, he certainly hasn't starved for things to do.
But when we woke up last Monday, it was raining, and he had a friend coming over to play.  What to do?

I can't even tell you what inspired me, but I grabbed two clean food storage containers and into each put some rice ($1.27 at the grocery store) in each, some truck erasers ($1 bin from Target), and some puff balls leftover from the Tot Tin project ($1 at the dollar store).  I gave each bin a spoon saved from a froyo treat and a small drinking cup.  Each easily cost $5 or less.

Which means, in bang for buck terms, it was a HUGE success!

The boys scooped with spoons:


They scooped with hands:

They filled the cups (and dumped them out again):

And when the rice inevitably got dumped out on the trays, we got out some front-loaders and dump trucks, and they boys really got to work!
And when they were finished, they argued over who would sweep the floor for me:
All told, the $5 bins bought us about an hour of fun (stopped only because it was seriously lunch and nap time!).

Really, I shouldn't be surprised.  Just last week, I marveled that our ordinary is their extraordinary.  And I think we all have a story to tell about an expensive toy spurned in favor of a simple, free or inexpensive find. 

I would do well to remember that despite the glitz and excitement of the toys on the market today, my little ones are, really, a cheap date, and I should KISS (keep it simple, silly).

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  1. Fantastic--it's always a bonus when something like that all clicks just when you need it! And kiddos arguing over who gets to sweep?!--even better!