Monday, October 22, 2012

Anchor {Mindful Mothering Mondays}

In case you can't tell from my absence from this space, I'm having a bit of trouble finding my "new norm" since Mouse joined our house.

I returned to work two weeks ago, and while it's just three days a week in the office, because it is my own law practice, I can't entirely check it at the door when I leave to come home.  And invariably, when I walk in the door at 6pm with both kiddos in tow, Mouse wants to eat (regardless of when her last bottle was), Moose wants a snack and to go outside, Daddy M is either just walking in or came home early and is out for a run, and then there's the matter of dinner.

I'm not complaining.  Just stating the challenge.  The beauty this time around is that I know I will find a new rhythm.  I've been on a healthy slow cooker recipe bender.  I've learned to feed Mouse one-handed while I feed myself one-handed.  Some other stuff hasn't come together yet (like regular exercise; or regular knitting), but it will get there.

The one thing I have managed to maintain is a "special game" for Moose on the days we are home together.  The "special game" is the devolution of my attempts at Tot School.  Try as I might, even before Mouse, I couldn't seem to keep up with all I wanted to do with Moose on a weekly basis to compliment what he gets at preschool.  However, along the way, I learned that he loves sensory play and I've managed to keep a cache of sensory play ideas in my brain (and Pinterest) to pull out on the days we stay at home together.

And these "special games" - something he looks forward to - have been an anchor for me as I otherwise seem to drift and bob about.

Sometimes they're impromptu and non-themed (shaving cream, transferring ice cubes between large measuring cups).  Other times, when I've struck lucky at the dollar bins at Target (or similar), I manage to put together a theme (like the autumn one, above).

Whatever the specifics, they all seem to be a hit.

Which means that, wherever else the day goes, I can count at least one success.  And right now that's enough to keep me going - ironically anchored and, therefore, able to sail on to finding a new norm.

Linking up with Lydia for some mothering inspiration to start the week.


  1. I can only imagine how hard it can be to find that rhythm in the course of all the change. Hoping it all falls into place soon.

  2. I struggle to find my peace with change too... I am sure eventually it will all fall into place but until then you kinda just have to hang on and enjoy the ride. I am glad part of the ride is a cool sensory activity... they are often so calming for us all!