Monday, September 24, 2012

Yes as a Compliment {Mindful Mothering Mondays}


Those three little letters seem so hard to say sometimes.  When Moose first came home as a newborn, I was lousy at accepting help with anything. I declined meals and help with laundry.  Daddy M would offer to wash the bottles at the end of the day, and I would fight him to let me at the sink.

This time around, I have been much better about saying yes . . .
. . . to my neighbor's request to bring us dinner.
. . . to a dear friend's offer to pick up some groceries.
. . . to my mother-in-law's suggestion that she hold Mouse while Moose napped so I could catch a few zzz's too.

And, not only has my burden been lightened, but I realized something, too: with my "yes" I am complimenting my loved ones and increasing their joy.

Because "yes" isn't discrete and limited to "would you like some lasagna for dinner?".  "Yes" means . . .
. . . you know my wants and needs.
. . . you are valuable.
. . . you are needed.

I've been pondering this post for weeks, ever since I first shared about the generosity of friends in keeping us fed in our first days home with Mouse.  And lo and behold, I discovered that a favorite writer of mine similarly recognized the great compliment in accepting an offer of assistance:
What I need to remember, though, is that it is a great blessing to allow others to minister to us.  If you've ever gone above and beyond in helping someone - or if you've ever done something seemingly small and inconsequential only to be thanked as though you've gone above and beyond - then you know the blessing.
 (From A Catholic Mother's Companion to Pregnancy )

And all of this has made me rethink how I respond to the things Moose offers me: the calorie-laden Cheese-It, the grubby rock from outside, the used Band-Aid.

Because my "yes" to him validates his fledgling attempts to care for someone other than himself, his opening himself - and his treasures - up to another's opinion.  My "yes" is a compliment and another way of saying to him, "I love you."

With thanks, as always to Lydia for hosting an inspirational start to the week!

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P.S. Any guesses how many attempts it takes to photograph a toddler holding a Cheese-It without ending up with a blurry picture?


  1. I remember the days of one, even two, three babies...doing it alone and pretending I could keep it together. Now I respond with a "YES!" whenever someone asks to help. I've been blessed to bless and what a privilege it is to extend that blessing to another! Great post.

  2. A wonderful post, I think we all need to say YES to others a little more often :)

  3. Love this post for so many reasons!