Monday, July 23, 2012

Picnic {Mindful Mothering Mondays}

In case you hadn't noticed, life with the Moose has not exactly been a picnic of late.  And, in truth, I've had more than a few moments where I wondered what the heck we were doing starting the process to adopt again when I can't even get through grocery shopping with the Moose without a screaming fit.  He's even taken to spitting when he is mad (gee, thanks, little-girl-in-daycare-class for that gem).

The only thing that keeps me from going crazy is being mindful and receptive of the little moments when the Moose is in just the right mood.  And then it is bliss.  Maybe only 30 seconds of bliss.  But bliss, in any quantity, is most welcome!

And lately, breakfast has been bliss. 

Typically, Moose doesn't have time for breakfast.  Even on non-schooldays, there is invariably some hammering that needs to be done.  Something outside he needs to "check on".   The cat always needs to be tortured pet/tickled/hugged (yes, he really does try to hug the cat).

But recently he's asking for breakfast.  Nothing fancy.  A cereal bar or toast satisfies.  And it must be eaten picnic-style.  

I am happy to oblige!  I get to sit down and sit still with him.  (And my sadly neglected tea towel collection has been delighted to have a purpose, too!) And, at least for a few minutes, life is a picnic.

Happy to be linking up today with Lydia's Mindful Mothering Mondays.


  1. Oh, I know that feeling well - in a post last year I wondered just why, exactly, God was giving us another baby when I felt so inadequate at taking care of the ones I have. But for the moments, picnic and non picnic alike, we're not alone in this. That's what keeps me going. Thank you for linking up! :-)

  2. We love picnics here, inside or outside, best way to enjoy each other and just be, but it sounds like you already know that :)

    Have a lovely day.