Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Yarn Along: Covered Up by Baby Blankets!

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~Ginny at Small Things

I finally finished my (somewhat long suffering) Churchmouse baby blanket!  Regardless of how much I may have complained about it being a tedious and boring knit, it turned out so, so beautifully. I am actually thinking of embarking on another at some point . . .

As soon as the Churchmouse was off my #8 needles, I cast on to begin this chevron baby blanket (with a few small modifications by the owner of my LYS) for my hopeful little one.  The plan is to alternate thick stripes (2 balls) of white with thinner stripes (1 ball) of grey.  I am using Debbie Bliss Eco Cotton which, ordinarily, would be out of my price range in the quantity I will need for this blanket (11 balls!), but which I found on sale at my LYS and pounced upon!

Not much in the way of reading again.  I've been working on the final edits to our adoption profile and sifting through endless photos on our current and past smartphones for a few gems to include.

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  1. Hi Victoria

    What a beautiful blanket! I knitted a blanket for my sister as a wedding present a couple of years ago. They take aaaages don't they? But so rewarding when done.

    Thank you for stopping by and visiting my site. Hope to see you again soon.

    Happy knitting!

  2. Your baby blanket is so gorgeous. I am loving the new one you have cast on too. Jacinta

  3. Score on the yarn! The chevron pattern you have planned sounds lovely!

  4. What a lovely baby blanket, and the second one you have cast on is great, love the chevron pattern.

  5. Your knitted blanket is gorgeous. Love the new chevron too.
    They will be beautiful for your little person.

  6. Your blanket turned out beautifully.
    Well done on scoring the discounted yarn!