Friday, March 30, 2012

7 Quick Takes - Never Stop Learning

I've heard it said that you should never stop learning.  Here are seven things I learned this week . . .

--- 1 ---
It is possible to turn a crazy dream into a great adventure!  Congratulations to my friend, Erin, as she begins her journey toward becoming a yoga instructor!
--- 2 ---
I have been looking at emotional eating (both the wallowing kind and happy kind) all wrong!  This resonates with me better than any diet advice I've ever read (and I've certainly read my share):
When you seek comfort, turn to the Lord, not your fridge.  And even when life is good and you have reason to celebrate, don't fill your glass of wine just yet.  First fill your heart with gratitude to God. 
(From Weightlessby Kate Wicker)
--- 3 ---
Two-year-old boys are attracted to mud like flies to honey.  If there is a dry backyard with one mud puddle, they will go straight into the mud puddle.
--- 4 ---
A hose and some dish soap are surprisingly effective in dealing with the inevitable fallout from #3!  (So grateful I switched to gentler dish soap when the Moose came along!)
--- 5 ---
You can make quinoa while avoiding the slimy texture if you cook it with the lid off, as suggested in this recipe!
--- 6 ---
I just stumbled across the story behind one of my favorite Marian images:

--- 7 ---
And a gratuitous fun one! I just recently discovered Pinterest.  Let me just say, I get it now! 

May you never stop learning!

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  1. That is one of my favorite Marian pictures, and the story just enhances the beauty, I think! I wonder where the original is right now? Hopefully it will turn up one day!

  2. Nice post. For a bit of light relief you might enjoy this cartoon about the food pyramid.