Wednesday, August 13, 2014

July FOTM: Dr. Jart

My quest for the "perfect" foundation continues! In case you missed it, I'm searching for a great medium+ coverage foundation that will hold up in the Southern humidity - particularly on my oily chin - without breaking me out, but it can't be too fussy to apply & has to come in under $40.  I'm not asking for much, right?

Over the summer I've been focusing on BB & CC Creams and allowing them a layer of BareMinerals on top to achieve the medium- to full-coverage I'm after.

($33 for 1.5 fl. oz.)

Arguably, this is the BB that started it all.  Originated in Korea for patients post-cosmetic surgery, it was designed to nourish as well as conceal (the Beauty Mama says it's improved her skin over time, too!)  The Dr. Jart is free of parabens and sulfates, and is supposed to be great on acne-prone skin (that's me!).  I've been dying to try this one for ages (this was on my original FOTM list back in January)!

My Day 1 discovery says it all: I didn't need mineral foundation on top!!!

Ok, I'll back up.  Dr. Jart dispenses easily from a pump tube (or squeeze tube if you've been lucky enough to find the 0.66 oz size for $18).  It applies easily with fingers, provided that you do it in stages.  What do I mean by that? The cream begins to thicken up and set pretty quickly, so unlike the em CC that you could put a whole face-worth in your hand and apply like lotion, I usually dispensed and applied 2-3 smaller amounts.  Because of the way it sets, I usually had to dig out a blending sponge to clean things up around my eyebrows and hairline, but even then it was only a five-second detour. 

But once it sets, oh my goodness, how gorgeous! The slightly yellow undertones cancelled out all the redness and completely hid the spots on my skin.  It set without settling, leaving me looking poreless and wrinkle-free.  

Overall grade: A.  I mean, really, who could ask for more? I was sad to move on when August 1st came and I'm eager to stock my makeup bag with a full size bottle.  The only drawback I can imagine is that it only comes in a single shade.  Having a Snow White complexion pays off here, as I had no trouble matching, but if the product doesn't magically color match as well as it claims, it could be a problem for women with darker skin.

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