Friday, April 19, 2013

Fitness Friday: Extreme Family Workout!

Last week, with the sun shining (at last) and the pollen count at 8,000+ (no joke), I had some rare one-on-one time with Moose.  In our pre-Mouse (and pre foot injury) days, we used to love running together (him in stroller, me doing all the hard work) three times a week, so I offered him a run.

No, he informed me, he did not want to go in the jogging stroller.  "I'm fast.  I want to run with you."

So we did.  We started at a nearby park and ran into a large adjacent subdivision (no big streets to cross on that route).  We did about a half-mile before he wanted to turn back and he got to play at the park afterward.  Win-win.

We tried again over the weekend, with the addition of Mouse in the jogging stroller.  Other than some logistical kinks as Moose learned to share the sidewalk, we had a great time.  However, our second outing as a threesome did not go as smoothly, and leads to my innovative idea for a new fitness challenge (or, me making lemonade out of what was, to be honest, a very frustrating outing).
Friends, are you ready for the next fitness challenge? Tired of paying for CrossFit and boot camp classes, or registration fees for extreme races?

Introducing the Moose & Mouse Survival Run!
Don't be fooled by the short, 1.2-mile course! This run includes the following:
  • HIIT/interval training of at least 1/2 mile (Moose doesn't know what pacing means; also you will be running full-out and come to a screeching halt so he can wave at garbage trucks, school buses, etc.)
  • Agility training (Moose cannot run in a straight line)
  • Resistance training (not only will you be pushing 18-pound Mouse in a 25 pound jogging stroller at the start, but after you cross the half-mile mark, Moose will throw a fit because you won't let him go in the creek and will sit down on the sidewalk and refuse to move; in order to complete the course, you will need to carry Mouse the rest of the way and wrangle 38-pound Moose into the stroller and simultaneously push him and carry her for the remaining 1/2 mile; on yeah, the last 1/2 mile is all uphill)
Best of all, it is FREE! Comment below to reserve your time! 
How does working out with others (friends, kids, spouse) challenge you?  Is it worth it?

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  1. Haha!!!

    When my little man was younger he used to love to join me on my runs in the jogging stroller. Now he waves good bye as I head out the door and enjoys some time with his dad while I run.

    I actually prefer working out alone, it is my time and I love tuning into how I am feeling as I run. And most of my runs now are on the trails so I love the peaceful quiet alone time in the woods :)

    Have a lovely weekend.