Friday, November 2, 2012

Fitness Friday: A (Wo)man with a Plan!

Last week, when I shared some tips for starting (or restarting) a morning exercise routine, I left off one of my favorite, more general, fitness tactics - make a plan.  Maybe a plan doesn't work for you if you're a true free spirit.  But, for me, it eliminates the excuse of not being able to decide what workout to do when the alarm goes off.  And, silly as it sounds, it gives me some kind of accountability - even if it is only a box to check.

With this post-baby restart, I couldn't decide on a plan.  I thought about returning to the Jillian Michaels Ripped in 30 workout that kicked off this feature.  I was also tempted to make a schedule of the mybarre3 workouts I've been raving about.  Given my recent, alarming Cheez-It consumption, though, I really needed a shake-up: both of variety and intensity.

I've shared before some of the FREE workouts found on the Blogilates YouTube channel.  Seriously - if you haven't checked them out (and even if you're not game for my challenge), you need to!  Blogilates founder Cassey Ho puts out a great workout calendar every month, and I've been tempted to follow along before, but as an East Coast, early morning exerciser, I sometimes didn't have access yet to the new, prescribed workout du jour, and I just derailed.  (Yes, I am that OCD.)

But who's to say I can't break the rules a little and do the October challenge in NovemberWant to join me?  Since October (and, therefore, the October Calendar) started on a Monday, I'll be kicking off this coming Monday, November 5th.  The first workout on tap is the 100 Workout (10 exercises, 10 reps).  I've got my Pilates mat and coffee all ready! C'mon and do it with me:

(Or, if you want to keep current, you could always tackle the Blogilates November Calendar.)

What's your November plan?  Share in the comments below and let's keep each other accountable!

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